What can Raspberry-pi do?



Besides your Home Media Server,  and a lot things than can be done with your Raspberry-p, here a few examples of a really cool things that you can try:

1.  PiFace is add on for your Raspberry-pi that’s perfect for home automation.  It hooks up to the RPi which will allow  it to detect switch states from a pressure pad or any number of other switch types, door sensor, etc… You could writh your own program and control anything you want around your home.
Raspberry Pi GPIO home automation

1-pi-piface 1-piface

2. Now, when you had connected your Pi with your TV you could use the benefits of surfing the Internet on big TV screen :-)
Default browser is a bit slow, so it would be cool to install Chromium . In Terminal type ‘ sudo apt-get install chromium-browser ‘ and press ENTER.

2-chromium-browser 2-Chromium Browser

3. Make your Raspberry a downloading machine! You just need working Raspberry-pi with SD card, router and follow the instructions here.






4. Run your ownCloud!
Instructions here and here.


5. Turn your Raspberry Pi into a full-featured security penetration testing and auditing platform!
This fully open-source release includes the following testing tools:
SET, Fasttrack, kismet, aircrack-ng, nmap, dsniff, netcat, nikto, xprobe, scapy, wireshark, tcpdump, ettercap, hping3, medusa, macchanger, nbtscan, john, ptunnel, p0f, ngrep, tcpflow, openvpn, iodine, httptunnel, cryptcat, sipsak, yersinia, smbclient, sslsniff, tcptraceroute, pbnj, netdiscover, netmask, udptunnel, dnstracer, sslscan, medusa, ipcalc, dnswalk, socat, onesixtyone, tinyproxy, dmitry, fcrackzip, ssldump, fping, ike-scan, gpsd, darkstat, swaks, arping, tcpreplay, sipcrack, proxychains, proxytunnel, siege, sqlmap, wapiti, skipfish, w3af.
More here.


6.Raspberry-Pi cluster – supercomputer
Instruction by University of Southampton, here.

6-Raspberry Pi Cluster








7. Solar FTP Server
Click here for instructions.

7-Solar FTP Server

8.Personal Web Server
With a little programming knowledge you  can set up Raspberry Pi as a personal web server. General purpose will not be to handle a lot of traffic, but it will do just fine for hosting a resume or personal landing page or even a little Dropbox or Google Drive clone with no charge at all.
Follow the instructions here.

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