Raspberry-pi Magazine


The MagPi is a online magazine for users of the Raspberry-pi computer which holds a lot of different information about  electronics,  robotics,  coding, home automation, etc…
Because of the worldwide popularity  the magazine is translated into Spanish, French, Chinese, German language.
Also thru its original website users have option to provide their suggestions for the next issue.



Click bellow for download (right click, Save as…)
Issue 01 from May 2012
Issue 02 from June 2012
Issue 03 from July 2012
Issue 04 from August 2012
Issue 05 from September 2012
Issue 07 from November 2012
Issue 08 from December 2012
Issue 09 from February 2013
Issue 10 from Mart 2013
Issue 11 from April 2013


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