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Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged desktop computer

Plugging your Raspberry Pi into this board gives you a fully functional suite of four USB ports, a 2.5-inch hard drive bay, and connections for a 24-pin power supply. Meanwhile, on the backside you’ll find all the AV connections you’ll need, including HDMI as well as DVI. There’s also a built in IR remote module … Continue reading

Camera in a Camera

The USB Webcam was problematic. The best we could get from it was 320 x 240, and that was at a frame rate of about 3 a second, on a good day. The obvious thing to do was replace it with the new Raspberry Pi Camera. The camera comes with a length of flexible flat … Continue reading

Satellite Receive Station with RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi

Over on the carpcomm blog, the author has posted a how to guide on building a remote satellite receive station using the Raspberry Pi and a $20 rtl-sdr dongle or funcube. He uses his own opensource CarpSD software which allows the station to be accessed directly via the web.             … Continue reading

Using a RaspberryPi and Pebble Watch to Control Your Home Theater

This post will serve as a guide to using a RaspberryPi, a Pebble Watch, and an Android phone (Google Nexus 4) to control your home theater from your wrist. The result is something like this:                           Introduction For a bit of backstory, around … Continue reading

IR filter shenanigans

There’s a question we’ve been asked very frequently about the camera board. A number of you want to use it for night-time photography, and ask if we can remove the IR filter. Notably, London Zoo are planning to deploy the camera board and Pi in a number of camera traps in Africa, where they’ll be … Continue reading

Get Ready to Take Photos With Your Raspberry Pi

Element14, a distributor of ultra-cheap the Raspberry Pi computer, has developed a supremely simple camera to go along with it. What looks like a flimsy strip of tape sticking out of a circuit board is actually a full-fledged HD camera. The Raspberry Pi Foundation, which launched its first $25 single-board computer to the public in … Continue reading

Watch and record live TV on your Raspberry Pi

At the end of this project, you’ll find yourself with a fully-fledged digital TV recording platform, capable of recording multiple programmes from multiple sources, all running from the humble Raspberry Pi. It’s the perfect backend for the just-released XBMC, which you’ll be able to use as a front-end from any other computer on the same … Continue reading


Comands for Raspberry Pi Camera They are Leafpad files with permissions set to Execute. It is a quick way to test the camera. These commands all run form \home\pi\ All of the software used is part of the current build of wheezy for the camera Take a Still Picture named temppic.jpg raspistill -o \home\pi\temppic.jpg Show … Continue reading

iPhone controlled candy grabber

By Mattias Ottosson

US boffin builds 32-way Raspberry Pi cluster

Boise University PhD candidate Joshua Kiepert has built a 32-way Beowulf cluster from Raspberry Pis. Kiepert says his research focuses on “developing a novel data sharing system for wireless sensor networks to facilitate in-network collaborative processing of sensor data.” To study that field Kipert figured he would need a decent simulator, preferably a cluster so … Continue reading