Welcome to the world of Raspberry-pi!

Here you can find and learn everything that you have to know about your Raspberry-pi credit card size computer.

- What is Raspberry-pi?;
- Download your Raspberry-Pi User Guide;
- Technical specifications;
- Raspberry-pi Forum;
- Accessories;
- How to set up for first time, installing operative system, etc..
- Learn programming with fun;

Besides all the learning and programming everyone need a little fun, right? You can use your Raspberry-pi for surfing the Internet because on your TV you will have a real desktop enviorment with a real computer, but in this case not a Windows, but Linux platform. Real pleasure is watching online movies in HDMI with the powerful XBMC that will make your Raspberry-pi a real home media server. You can connect your external storage device with your Raspberry-pi, and make your external hard disk a wireless storage device, transferring your media files from PC over the Wi-Fi dongle plug in one of the USB ports. You can add a USB Hub for additional USB ports.
Raspberry-pi comes without a protective case, but you can choose and get one as you pleased. There is a many places on Internet where you can buy.

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